Canadian Media Guild

Working to keep free TV available to all Canadians.

The Canadian Media Guild represents six thousand workers in Canadian media, including  CBC, Radio-Canada, The Canadian Press, Reuters, Agence France-Presse (AFP), TVOntario (TVO), the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (aptn), VisionTV, CW Television (formerly Alliance Atlantis Communications) and CJRC Radio Gatineau (Québec).
A friend of SOCK

The Canadian Media Guild has helped us in a number of ways beyond restoring free CBC  to Kamloops.

Here are a few examples over the years.

December, 2006 Guild makes CRTC aware of the lost of CBC in Kamloops.

April, 2007 Guild tells Heritage committee that if Germany can have over-the-air TV for only 5% of the population, so can Kamloops.

May, 2008 Guild produces a feasibility study of a multiplexed transmitter in Kamloops.

July, 2009  Guild pays for survey of Kamloopsians on their support of free TV.