What is Open media?

This website is a gathering place of a number of media issues including those of SOCK and the Canadian Media Guild.

Some projects they are working on

1) Public airwaves for ALL Canadians.  If broadcasters have their way, only 29 Canadian cities will have free over-the-air TV service after the transition to digital in 2011.

2) Fresh Media   The crisis in big media has given rise to citizen-powered journalism through the internet and community based media.

3) Save Our Net   Lobbyists, big  web providers, and special interests want to control Canadian's web access with things like throttling.  Keep the net neutral and maintain a level playing field for all users.

4) Canadians for Al Jazeera  This Arab news channel in English is renowned for its high journalistic standards; for its fearless, unembedded reporting and for its diversity of voices from around the world.

5) Give CBC Enough Money to Work. Fund Public funding for CBC is among the lowest of any industrialized country in the world. CBC is getting only $34 per Canadian per year. The average for all the countries is $80.

6) Act Now A handful of Big Media Conglomerates control what Canadians see, hear and read.  The result is less choice for and fewer Canadian journalists covering news and events.  Get your voice back.