Background on Free TV
Unless things change, Canada will not follow the rest of the industrial world in making over-the-air free TV available to all citizens.

In the U.S., small cities benefited from the conversion to digital TV.  In September of 2008, the little city of Wilmington, North Carolina, pioneered the transition to the new technology.

Unless something changes, only 29 cities in Canada will have free TV, only 2 cities in B.C. (Vancouver and Victoria).

Unless you speak up, Kamloops' transmitter will go dark  in 2011.
Why Should I care?
I get my my TV from cable/Satellite

Most Kamloopsians receive TV by cable or satellite but not necessarily by choice. Some viewers had no option but to purchase other sources when CBC stopped providing free TV in 2006.

Others purchase cable because of the limited choice of free stations in Kamloops

However, a survey of Kamloopsians conducted by the Canadian Media Guild revealed that five times the current number cable viewers would switch to a free six-pack of of channels offered with superior digital quality if such a choice were made available.

Big cities in Canada are now enjoying a selection of free channels.

Your silence will ensure that Kamloops remains on the other side of the digital divide.