SOCK  Newsletter March, 2008

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Kamloopsians can see CBC reporter Wendy Mesley live at TRU  but many  can't see her on CBC TV.  

1. How many Kamloopsians no longer have access to CBC TV?

 a) 50
 b) 500
 c) 5,000
 d) 50,000

(Listen to Mesley speak on Monday, March 10, 2008, at 7 pm in the Alumni Theatre of the Clock Tower Building)



Most Kamloopsians pay for cable or satellite TV but many choose not pay for TV which they can get for free over-the-air.

It's a matter of principle for some, and a matter of economy for others.  Some viewers don't want a multi-channel universe; they prefer fewer choices because TV is not a big factor in their lives.  This is especially true of British Columbians who watch less TV than average Canadians.

However, when CBC disaffiliated with the local station, viewers with TV rabbit ears were left in the dark.  With two Global stations in Kamloops, there is not much choice.

For others, it's a matter of money.  Those with limited resources -- students, retirees, low income families -- have no choice but to be cut off from our national broadcaster.

A Canadian Media Research survey prepared for the CRTC in September 2006 that shows how many Canadians get television signals over-the-air (OTA).   Findings show that more CBC viewers depend on over-the-air television than non-CBC viewers.  CBC viewers amount to 16% of  OTA TV, whereas all others represent only 10% of viewers.  In BC, it's even lower.

Some other demographics of OTA viewers:

  • Farmers and rural workers in the resource industry
  • People in the Arts & Literature are 2.57 times more likely to receive TV OTA than by cable or satellite.
  • People who listen to CBC radio (1.95 times more likely),
  • Light TV viewers (1.84 times more likely),
  • Those with only 1 TV set (1.68 times more likely),
  • Low income households under $20,000 (1.63 times more likely).



Answers to Quiz

Question 1, choice (c).  About 5,000 Kamloopsians lost access to CBC TV in 2006.  The percentage of viewers in Kamloops with TV rabbit ears is lower than the rest of Canada.  Due to the hills and mountains that block transmitted signals, most viewers must pay for cable or satellite TV.

It's a mystery why CBC executive decided to make Kamloopsians suffer with the loss of over-the-air TV when other places, such as Kelowna, were given new transmitters when a similar loss occurred.



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