SOCK  Newsletter February, 2008


Answers below

1. Which B.C. town or city doesn't have a CBC TV transmitter?

 a) Prince George
 b) Barkerville
 c) Kamloops
 d) Kelowna

2. Which B.C. town or city doesn't have a CBC Radio studio?

 a) Prince George
 b) Prince Rupert
 c) Kamloops
 d) Kelowna



Canada is lagging being Europe and the U.S. but eventually our federal government will have to face reality.

Like roads and sewers, TV and radio transmitters are part of an aging infrastructure. Old Canadian analog transmitters will have to be replaced with new digital transmitters.

The CBC faces a massive task of replacing its national network of transmitters which were installed in the 1970s. Since these transmitters have an average life of about 30 years, many are past their expiry date.
The U.S. is ahead of us in two ways: the change to has been legislated to provide for an orderly transition to the new technology and viewers with old sets are being assisted. Since all TV broadcasts will be digital in 2009, viewers who have old sets are being issued coupons worth $80 dollars for the purchase of converter boxes to receive signals on old TVs.

Canada's federal government has no plans for the digital TV revolution that is sweeping the world or for will replacing our crumbling transmitter infrastructure. The CBC will need millions of dollars to service Canada's cities with transmitters that will broadcast high definition TV and multichannel transmitters.



Answers to Quiz

Question 1. Kamloops is the only place of its size in Canada that doesn't have a CBC transmitter. Many smaller places in B.C. have transmitters: Yhak, Yale, Ymir, Youbou. You can see them all at

Question 2. Kamloops is the only one of the places in this question that doesn't have a radio studio. There are four versions of CBC radio's Daybreak. Prince Rupert and Prince George studios are the source of Northern Interior/Coast version. CBC planned to open a radio studio in Kamloops but plans fell through.




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